SAIROP – Swiss AI Research Overview Platform

SAIROPs main goal is to foster collaborations
across disciplines and institutions in the field of AI in Switzerland.


R2Net AI-Research & Mental Well-Being – 2nd Edition

R2Net AI-Research & Mental Well-Being – 2nd Edition

14. July 2024 09:30 - 17:30 Athens, Greece
2nd European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI)/ 21st Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI)

2nd European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI)/ 21st Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI)

15. July 2024 - 26. July 2024 09:00 20:00 Athens, Greece
SPAICE: AI in and for Space

SPAICE: AI in and for Space

15. September 2024 - 19. September 2024 08:00 17:00 European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), UK

SAIROP aligns with my mission to advance technology transfer, making groundbreaking research accessible and beneficial to society.

Benjamin Sawicki , NCCR Automation
Knowledge & Technology Transfer

SAIROP provides a fundamental interface that unites all key players in AI development in Switzerland, bridging industry, academia, and both federal and cantonal institutions

Andrea-Emilio Rizzoli , Director

Sairop provides a broad and precise view of the strategic projects being developed around AI in Switzerland. The members are easy-going, supportive, driven by a conviction of the societal and state interest of AI, and concerned with the humanism necessary to these endeavors. So it's as pleasant as it is relevant to contribute to Sairop, especially given the richness of its membership panel.

Arnaud Velten , Chef Evangelist
Foundation ImpactIA

SAIROP brings together experts from all the fields of artificial intelligence and promotes technology exchange, research, education and innovation.

Lamia Friha , R&D Unit Manager/Lecturer
Geneva University


Governance and legal framework for managing artificial intelligence (AI)
Improving Interpretability. Philosophy of Science Perspectives on Machine Learning
Sustaining Knowledge Creation in Online Communities: Enabling, Creating, and Maintaining
OrganEYEzer # High-throughput sorting of large and small organoids powered by deep learning for drug discovery, tissue engineering, and disease modeling
CreHos: Novel Machine Learning Algorithms and Alternative Data Sources for Better Credit Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Sector
NLU4EHR: Natural Language Understanding for Electronic Health Records Analytics



SAIROP was launched in June 2022 and provides an overview of the AI research landscape in Switzerland. SAIROP is official partner of CNAI - the Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence supporting exchange between researchers and the Swiss Federal Administration.

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