Swiss AI Research Overview Platform

The power of Swiss co-creation in Artificial Intelligence

In 2021 numerous renowned organizations joined forces to work on a research overview on Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland.

The Swiss AI Research Overview Platform SAIROP was launched in June 2020 and is a milestone in the Swiss research landscape.

SAIROP promises international visibility beyond the scene and will serve as an innovation and networking hub for companies and research partners.

We are building a well-connected Swiss AI research landscape, together with you!

We navigate the Swiss AI ecosystem.

AI Ecosystem Overview

Explore who is doing research on AI where and with whom in Switzerland


Find out what aspects of AI are currently being investigated in Switzerland


Discover application areas in which AI research projects have been funded nationally such as healthcare or manufacturing


Get inspired by the various ways AI is applied and investigated and transfer the knowledge to your or other areas

Skills & Competences

Check out the AI topics a particular institution or research group has experiences in Switzerland


Identify institutions or research groups who are working on the topics you are interested in and get in touch

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