EPFL Open Days: What does the future hold for humanity and for AI? ChatGPT and more!

30. April 2023 14:00 - 16:00 | EPFL Campus, Lausanne: Swiss Tech Convention Center, Auditoire B

Are you curious about how ChatGPT works inside the ‘black box’, how fast these large language models are evolving and whether they will become more ‘intelligent’ than humans anytime soon? Join us to hear how AI might impact education and jobs in the future and discussion on the ethical responsibilities of the big tech companies driving all this change.


Round table organized by the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC) with the participation of the Centre for Learning Sciences (LEARN), the

Centre for Intelligent Systems (CIS) and the Swiss Data Science

Center (SDSC).



14.00-14.45: Introductory lecture on AI and ChatGPT by Prof. Antoine Bosselut.


14.45-15.5 : Round table discussion on the impact that AI could have on education and employment in the future and to discuss the ethical responsibilities of the large technology companies behind all these changes.


Prof. Antoine Bosselut (IC)

Prof. Tanja Käser (IC)

Prof. Rachid Guerraoui (IC)

Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst (STI), et Directeur Académique CIS

Dr. Jessica Dehler Zufferey, Directrice exécutive LEARN

Dr. Jan Kerschgens, Directeur Exécutif CIS

Dr. Silvia Quarteroni, Head of Innovation, SDSC

Moderation by : Fred Courant (Esprit Sorcier)