AI for Good Global Summit 2024

30. May 2024 - 31. May 2024 07:30 19:30 | International Conference Center Geneva (CICG), Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Join the world's leading AI minds and innovators at the AI for Good Global Summit 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. Hear from renowned AI luminaries, delve into crucial AI governance discussions, and witness demos of robots, drones, and brain-machine interfaces showcasing the future of responsible AI.

Registrants of this groundbreaking UN event can attend either in person or online to connect with an expected 2,500+ participants in Geneva and over 25,000+ professionals worldwide on the AI for Good Neural Network. Explore how cutting-edge generative AI, robotics, and brain-machine interfaces can tackle global challenges like climate action, healthcare, accessibility, and disaster response.

More than just a summit, the AI for Good Global Summit is a movement. Secure your seat at this extraordinary event and be a part of the global movement to harness the power of AI for good.

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